BPR – Important tools and techniques

BPR, although highly impactful, may result in a failure if the companies do not carefully consider major factors. The following are the important tools and techniques that are part of Business Process Reengineering (Neill & Sohal, 1999).

  • Customer & process focus – The primary focus is to change the processes to bring benefits to customers.
  • Visualisation for end process & Benchmarking – To achieve the objectives of BPR, the companies should be able to visualise and benchmark, what their end business processes should be like.
  • Change Management – BPR should also take into consideration the human side as these processes require significant involvement of employees and impact their work.
  • Business process mapping – A company should also have a good understanding of its existing business processes to effectively reach the required result.


Neill,P. & Sohal,S.A., 1999. ‘Business Process Reengineering – A review of recent literature’, Technovation, 19, pp. 571-581


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  1. Mohammed Alkhyeli says :

    For more details on BPR implementation, success factors and case studies, please refer to the following book:


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